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i wrote this a few years ago and thought it was timely…we all could use a little humor, right?



september 9, 2009
A Woman President??

Anyone who has spent anytime around my youngest, Regan, knows that she is a “hoot”. I’ve always said that God gave her to me so that I would never forget how to laugh and laugh I do, everyday with her! I think it is her honesty and openness with every thought that pops in her head that makes her so comical. After the President’s speech yesterday I was hoping for some really good dialogue with the girls. Well, Bryson just shrugged and had nothing to say (no surprise there). Peyton (my always by the book,rule following, idealistic child) said: “He’ just so nice! He said it was ok to stay home from school if you were sick”. (Glad she got the word on that from the Prez, now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it IS indeed ok to stay home from school if you are sick). Regan said: “It was cool, but tiring”…yeah sitting in a chair staring at the screen can really take it out of you! This morning she had further comments and questions. First she asked was it really hard for a girl to be President. At first I said “no”, thinking I didn’t want to crush her dream of becoming the first woman President, then I thought better and said, “well, yeah , it probably would be hard since there has never been one before and people have a hard time with change.” I felt we were really going somewhere, then I began to doubt how closely she actually paid attention to the speech when she said, “was that speech the same one we watched at Tracy’s where he had to put his hand on that book and say all those words?” No, Regan, that was the Inauguration.” “Oh yeah…well, now I KNOW I don’t wanna be President, cause I don’t wanna put my hand on any book and stand up in front of a bunch of people and say all those words, no way!” Well, I guess that’s one more career path we can mark off the list…and I was SO looking forward to being The First Grandma…

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