child of war

my little one so innocent
so fresh and new and young
a smile to win the masses
a heart soft like a sponge

you grow and learn so eager
so open and thirsty and willing
a friendly look that charms
like a hungry wolf for the killing

you become the scholar
so filled with all you sought
a deadpan look that turns away
you learned the world you bought

when did you lose your innocence
when did you grow so old
when did your face become sullen
and your heart so hard and cold

my little one no longer
so calloused and withdrawn
a face so full of hatred
a soul no longer known


the substance it seems, is all in the skin
not the thought in your head or the learning it brings

every day it is seen, what we value and choose
is a beauty of outward, cause “with looks you can’t lose”

we worship our bodies while our souls thirst and yearn,
for a rest and renewing from the grind and the burn

but never to slow or reflect or consider
will rob you of all that life can deliver

take care of your mind, of your spirit, your being
for joy comes in thinking, in loving, in seeing

to discover, to listen, to learn, to be taught
these things are rich, but cannot be bought

so value what’s real, what is lasting and true
for beauty will fade, but wisdom renew