like a newborn babe
like the deserts dry core
we thirst

like a ship  off its course
like a sheep lost its way
we search

like lovers forlorn
like a fatherless child
we yearn

like a mother’s heart
like that bird in my soul
we hope

when we no longer thirst
when we search no more
when our yearning has ceased
when our soul loses hope
it is then life is gone;
death has come

round and round we go

i see it spinning
the colors so bright
your eyes light up
hands clap with delight

i see you spinning
you never grow tired
you smooth down the tulle
you lift your hands higher

i see it spinning
your hands wrap the pole
i smile and i wave
as you ride on your foal

i see you spinning
a tale long and tall
your eyes avert mine
as you stare at the wall

i see it spinning
the wheels on the drive
seems like only yesterday
you were just five

i see you spinning
dropping clothes on the floor
a peck on my cheek
as you rush out the door

i see it spinning
each day through my mind
my life up to this point
i cannot rewind

i see you spinning
you feel so far away
but all of that work
was to get to today

i see it spinning
like the hands on the clock
time waits for no one
tick-tock, tick-tock

i see you spinning
your colors so bright
my eyes light up
my child, my delight